Apply to be trained as a Meditation Teacher

Enrollment for the 2019 Radiance Sutras Teacher Training is now open.The process for enrolling in the includes the following two steps: Application and Tuition Payment.

The 200-hour Training is set up as a two-year program.
Upon completion, you receive a Yoga Alliance Certification as a Meditation Teacher and certificate from Pranava Meditation School.

The basic tuition covers both years of the program, and includes 4 private coaching sessions with Dr. Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine.

For Certification as a Meditation Teacher, additional expenses will be primarily whatever the 70 contact hour workshops cost for your travel, room and board, and tuition.

You may take the curriculum as a stand-alone course without certification, and add other elements, such as retreats, as fits into your schedule.

The Teleseminar Series and other aspects of the Training begin in March 2019, with preliminary events starting in January. Begin your foundational studies now.

Once you register, you can get started with the personal coaching with Lorin Roche, PhD and Camille Maurine, and with the required reading and online study elements of the program. We also encourage you to attend our in-person trainings and retreats, such as
Wild Serenity at 1440 in June, or our Kripalu workshop in August.


Once completed and received, you will receive a Welcome email with important information about the training. If you have not received an email within 2 weeks, email us here.

Step 1 – Application.
Please email us with the following contact information and responses to Questionnaire.

Birthdate (mo/day/year)

Questions to help us understand and support your individual needs and strengths:

  1. What interests you in becoming a meditation teacher?
  2. What is your previous meditation experience?
  3. What do you love about meditation so far?
  4. What struggles have you encountered in meditation?
  5. Do you have a physical practice already, such as yoga or dance?
  6. What do you desire to create in your life?
  7. What does commitment mean to you?
  8. What uniqueness will you bring to the training?

Please send a recent photo as well. Feel free to add anything further that you would like us to know.

Write your own answers and send via email to Meditation Teacher Training Enroll

Step 2 – Tuition Payment.

The full tuition for the two year Training is $6000. This is a non-refundable course.

If needed, an installment payment plan can be arranged.

Included in your tuition:

  • 4 Private Sessions with Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine
  • 10 Conference Call Seminars per year on the Core Teachings
  • Q&A Sessions with Lorin and Camille
  • Monthly Discussion in Small Groups (on Zoom)
  • Access to the Training Website with All Materials
  • Weekly Lessons – Meditations, Assignments, Fun
  • Bonus Seminars
  • Private Online Forum
  • Ongoing Email Support

Once you are accepted into the Training, you will receive information for your tuition payment process, including installment plan options. When that is completed, your registration will be confirmed and your Training shall begin!

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