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Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training
Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine

You are invited to take part in the 2019 Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training.

This is a two-year program culminating in a 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Alliance and Pranava Meditation School. The curriculum includes one-to-one coaching, small group training, practice sessions, teleconferences, online study, guided meditations, and in-person retreats at beautiful locations. You can take the course for your own development, to learn and practice meditations that suit your individual nature, and you can take it to develop skills as a teacher of meditation.

In our time, tens of millions of people are experimenting with meditation. In the United States alone, about 14% of the adult population, about 35 million people, said they had practiced meditation at least once in 2017. In urban areas of Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and other countries, the numbers are also significant. People are attempting to learn meditation from books, audio programs, apps on their phones, television programs, and yoga classes.

There is a desperate need for trained meditation teachers to provide guidance to all these millions of meditators and want-to-be-meditators. "Meditation" is not one technique – the word refers to thousands of different practices with different effects. In a group of friends, one technique may be joyous and effortless for one person, and would grate on the nerves of another. People need help finding the particular way of meditating that goes with their nature. All over the world, people are frustrated with their meditation experience and need access to personal guidance.

We need meditation teachers of all kinds and ages, from teenagers to retirement age and beyond, of all colors, all persuasions, all religions and all forms of atheism, all kinds of interests. The people coming for instruction in meditation are extremely diverse. It is good sometimes to work with a person who is like you as well as learning from someone who seems opposite to you.

Meditation is a dive into aliveness, into the underlying creativity that sustains us all. The basic dynamics of life – breathing, listening, seeing, loving – are used as doorways into meditation. The scientific research on meditation indicates that it can provide a rest deeper than sleep and benefit our physical, emotional, and mental health in many ways. Human beings are naturally good at meditation and tens of millions of people are wanting to learn the practice. Well-trained teachers are needed. You are needed.
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Dr. Roche has been teaching and researching meditation for almost 50 years and is the founder of Instinctive Meditation. Camille Maurine has been teaching embodied meditation for over 40 years, with a specialty in energy practices for women. You get the benefit of our wealth of experience, and all the thousands of people we have worked with over the decades.

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Human beings are naturally good at meditation.

The ability to meditate is built-in to our bodies and is instinctive.

The key is to find the style, the particular doorway into meditation
that works for your individual nature and life.

Founded by Dr. Lorin Roche, Instinctive Meditation is a uniquely comprehensive approach – a wide-open embrace of the whole human being. It is based on Lorin's extensive research, interviews with clients, and working closely with thousands of individuals. He has mapped out the subjective experience of meditation and discovered what works – and what does not.

From the scientific research, we know that meditation is an instinctive and natural human ability, part of our survival capabilities. Even the simplest meditation practice can allow profound relaxation and a rest deeper than sleep, even for beginners. We also know that everyone is different, and that honoring individuality is a key to success in meditation. Therefore, a big part of our training is learning to notice and work with both the naturalness of meditative experience and the unique individual way each person interacts with the techniques. When approached in this way, meditation can be remarkably beneficial for emotional and physical health.

In this two-year program, you receive in-depth training in the art and science of meditation. You build a strong foundation in the essential skills for evolving your personal practice, as well for teaching meditation to others.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced meditator, or a teacher of meditation, you will discover new and empowering keys to embodying a healthy, integrative approach.

The training includes one-to-one coaching with Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, in sessions that focus on your individual meditation practice and how you can develop as a teacher; in-person workshops where you get to immerse yourself for 5 or 7 days in the flow of meditation and teaching; teleseminars on this approach to meditation, and ongoing practice groups you are part of that let you get experience sharing and coaching others in meditation technique.

You are welcome to take the training for your own development and education, and then later decide if you want to be active as a meditation teacher. You can also come in with the intent to get trained and out there teaching right away. It's individual.

A unique and comprehensive approach

Dr. Roche and Camille Maurine are the authors of several books, including:

Meditation Made Easy, by Lorin Roche, published by HarperOne in 1998.
Meditation Secrets for Women, by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, published by HarperOne in 2001.
The Radiance Sutras, by Lorin Roche, published by Sounds True in 2014.

These books were written as teacher training manuals, then edited to be easy and a joy to read. The material in them provides the basic elements of this healthy, comprehensive approach.

Many tens of thousands of hours have gone into refining the language of meditation and the techniques, to make them appropriate for people who live in the world. Meditation Made Easy summarizes 25 years of research and teaching experience, and The Radiance Sutras embodies 45 years of experience listening to meditators and being immersed in the Sanskrit text. Meditation Secrets for Women reveals 12 essential secrets of a healthy approach for the female body-psyche.

In essence, a meditation teacher must be intimately familiar with a full range of internal dynamics:

  • All the human senses, of which there are more than a dozen (balance, for example, and motion, and stretch-sensing, in addition to vision, hearing, and so on)
  • All the human emotions (love, anger, fear, joy, surprise, pride, shame, envy, grief)
  • The rich world of physical sensations
  • The interplay of relaxation and stress-release
  • The instincts (homing, gathering, resting, nesting, bonding, protecting, socializing, and more)
  • The wide array of desires motivating people (freedom, power, acceptance, status, communication, security, exercise, curiosity, order, serenity, and more)
  • The elements as poetic and evocative gateways into contact with nature: earth, fire, water, air, and space
  • The variety of meditative techniques which have been developed over the ages and the skill of inventing a meditation practice based on the student’s own personal experience.

Knowing all this is essential for any human being and increases the joy in living. Much of what it is to be human involves savoring our own experience and noticing what others are experiencing, really hearing them and seeing them. When we are familiar with the structure of human experience, we can communicate better and understand what others are attempting to communicate.

It is also essential to have tools for navigating the inevitable challenges on the path – in meditative practice as well as in your life of engagement with the world.

In the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training, you get to practice and develop skills in all these areas. This comprehensive training enriches your capacity to listen to other people, to develop your own meditation practice, and to coach others in finding what works for them in meditation.

When I began meditating in 1968, I was introduced to the luminous teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which mentions over a hundred doorways in to the inner world. A group of geniuses tutored me, and I was shown how meditation is a natural emergence of our longing for freedom and desire to be at home in the universe. And I was shown how to make practical techniques out of the teachings that modern people can utilize in their daily lives. There is a craft to meditating, and to teaching meditation, that I was trained in and have refined and evolved over the past 50 years, in working with all kinds of people in all kinds of contexts. This is the knowledge that I want to pass on to you. ~ Lorin Roche

A Dynamic Curriculum

The Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training is set up as a two-year, 200-hour certificate program. You may take it simply to deepen your own practice and development, or to become certified as a teacher of this life-affirming approach. You will be listening to a series of talks and guided meditations, reading the books (The Radiance Sutras, Meditation Made Easy, Meditation Secrets for Women), doing your own meditation practice at home, sharing your experiences with your meditation buddies, and reporting in on what you are discovering.

The training includes four private coaching sessions with Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine. These one-on-one sessions help you to evolve your individual meditation practice and how you can develop as a teacher. You receive personal support for what is unfolding in your internal world as well as in your outer life of engagement.

The basic Teleseminar Series illuminates the Core Teachings in monthly calls with Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine. Each seminar is followed by Q&A and live interaction.

In addition to the Teleseminars, there are live Video Discussion groups – face-to-face interaction and exploration with other RSMTT members, facilitated by experienced teachers of this approach and offered at different times to accommodate members' time zones.

Over the two years of the program, you have the opportunity to deepen and enrich your understanding and embodiment of these teachings.

You receive:

4 Personal Sessions with Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine
Monthly Conference Call Seminars on the Core Teachings
Q&A Sessions with Lorin and Camille

Monthly Small Group Webinar Discussions
Bonus Seminars
Private Facebook Group
Ongoing Email Support

The training materials are housed online on a beautiful, easy to use site. You receive weekly lessons with meditations, seminar information, assignments, pdfs, and other inspiring, supportive offerings. You can enjoy lively discussion with other members of the Training community.

To fulfill the 70 contact hour requirement, come to our in-person workshops and retreats hosted at gorgeous locations such as 1440 Multiversity (Santa Cruz, California), Kripalu (Lenox, Massachusetts), Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California), Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast), and Hawaii.

Join us at these events:

Love and Wonder with The Radiance Sutras – Esalen, February 24-March 1, 2019
Radiance Sutras Flow –
Kripalu, April 5-7
Wild Serenity: Meditation and the Life of Love and Intimacy –
1440 Multiversity, June 9-14
At Play with The Radiance Sutras Retreat and Training –
Kripalu August 18-23

Enrollment Process

To apply for admission to the Meditation Teacher Training, visit the registration page.

The Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training
is a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Meditation Teacher Training, plus certification with the Pranava Meditation School.

As soon as you register, you can begin with the foundational lessons, explorations, and skill acquisition. We will fold you in now, so that you can receive access to those materials as well as the online community forum.

The full training is an in-depth two-year program. However, depending on your time availability, certification could be completed in about a year, or you may take up to 5 years.

See more about Certification Requirements

If you are not interested in becoming certified, you may also participate in the Training for your own personal development and education.

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Lorin; Camille
photo credit: Josie Keys
Lorin Roche has been practicing, teaching, and researching this approach to meditation since 1968, and has a PhD from the University of California for his work on the language of meditative experience. Lorin and his wife, Camille Maurine, are the authors of Meditation Secrets for Women (Harper 2001) and Meditation 24/7 (Andrews-McMeel 2004). Lorin is also the author of Meditation Made Easy (Harper 1998) and The Radiance Sutras (Sounds True 2014). Lorin first began training meditation teachers in 1972. Camille joins Lorin in facilitating this dynamic training, sharing her more than four decades of embodied practice and teaching experience.
www.lorinroche.com –– www.camillemaurine.com

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Masterful teachers and facilitators
“I have known and worked with Camille Maurine and her husband Lorin Roche for many years and know them both to be masterful teachers and facilitators. Camille brings a lifetime of experience to meditative practices for women, sharing unusual depth of soul and embodied wisdom. When she speaks or moves, you can feel the love and power as an integration of both inner peace and wild expressive freedom. Camille and Lorin, each dynamic teachers, model how juicy and creative a longterm relationship can be. Lorin’s guidance in meditation is startlingly insightful and liberating, yet feels totally natural and true. You are in good hands with these two!”
Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University 

Plain and simple: this practice will change your life
"To put it bluntly... I used to be a hot mess -- constantly overwhelmed with my obsessive thoughts, making wrong decisions, not having a clear internal compass to point me in the right direction. Then Lorin taught me how to meditate and everything changed. My life blossomed open. Years of trauma and intergenerational oppression melted away through my deep practice of presence and awareness. Plain and simple: this practice will change your life. While there are many styles of meditation, the style you will learn here is what actually transformed me from being someone who "wanted" to meditate, into a full-fledged, lifelong meditator. I would not be who I am today without the practice of meditation, and the guidance of Lorin and Camille." –
Justin Michael Williams, Meditation Teacher, Singer, Marketing Expert

Gives me skills to be agile and react quickly to constantly changing environment
"It is hard for me to even describe how much this course has changed my life. It allowed me to be myself. It showed me that meditation can be a limitless and generous source of energy, inspiration, and support. I learned how to be with all of the energies running through me, be it excitement, fear, loneliness, bliss, yearning or love. I learned how to ground and center myself no matter what I face. I work full time in a quick pace job that demands high-quality performance. I love my job, and I love doing it well. Meditation gives me skills to be agile and react quickly to constantly changing environment. At home, my husband and I are always busy taking care of our small children, so I need my meditation to be a place of rest, relaxation, unwinding, and healing. A place where I can be myself and available for myself. 

Because of this course, I have meditated every day for the last 3 years. I developed a lifelong practice that would stay with me for the years to come. I am deeply grateful to Lorin and Camille for developing this life-giving approach." – Mayya Shveygert, Scientist and Mother of two, San Mateo, CA


Changed not just my meditation practice, but my outlook on life
"Studying with Lorin and Camille has changed not just my meditation practice, but my outlook on life. Meditation is no longer something I do so I feel better later, but is a worthwhile endeavor in and of itself. I've learned to get up off of my meditation mat where I'd yell at myself for thinking, and have found immense joy soaking in the moment though every luscious sensation and emotion."
– Shelby Clark, Entrepreneur, Bolinas, CA


More innate joy and love, passion and ease in everyday life
'What I love about the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training is that you are free to be yourself, you can go at your own pace, and you are encouraged to make these teachings your own. This wholeheartedly reflects the style of meditation that is being offered for your personal practice – one that is rich, rewarding and as unique as you are. This was particularly refreshing coming from a background of feeling like a failure at meditation. The course is structured in a way that allows for freedom, exploration, rich discussion and support not just from Lorin, Camille and the faculty, but from everyone in the training. This practice has helped me to get in touch with my own individuality, inner rhythms and instincts. It has helped me tap into more innate joy and love and find more passion and ease in every day life. Every step a long the journey there is inspiration and support, a lifelong journey that continues to evolve. This approach to teaching meditation has given me a far more resilient foundation from which to share the practice. Unlike in Yoga Teacher Trainings I have been a part of there is a lot of focus on “right" and “wrong" ways to teach, or you’re given very structured guidelines to teach asana. I have found the content of this training to be geared toward developing the skills, knowledge and resources – both internal and external – to feel at home in your own body, mind and heart. The course first equips you to develop these skills for yourself, your own life, passions, and relationships, then the natural progression is a confidence to share these practices with others (if you wish). Highly recommend for anyone wanting to feel more at home within themselves and the world." - Emma Baker, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Brisbane AUS


Discover and experience your own true nature

"What an invitation Lorin and Camille provide:
An invitation to discover a natural instinctive way to be with yourself in meditation.
An invitation to explore yourself and the world around you with compassion and tenderness.
An invitation to live in love with life and the world, no... the universe.
Lorin and Camille have unfathomable depths of knowledge, skill and most of all love to help each of their students discover and experience their own true nature through their workshops, teacher training program and one on one sessions.
After watching them in action together for just a few minutes at a workshop two and a half years ago, I realised they had something that I wanted. And they are so willing to share, to give it away for all our benefit.
If you want to rediscover yourself, and help others do the same, grab onto their coattails and hold on tight."

– Michael McDowall, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Brisbane, Australia

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